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Despite the stigma that HIV/AIDS carry, modern medicine has made it possible for people with HIV to live long, healthy, and active lives.

Excerpt – CDC Updated PrEP Guidelines

December 8, 2021

Key revisions to the guideline include:

  • A new recommendation for providers to inform all sexually active adults and adolescents about PrEP. This is intended to increase awareness of PrEP more broadly.
  • A recommendation that, in addition to taking a very brief history to identify persons with indications for PrEP, providers prescribe PrEP to anyone who requests it, even if they do not report specific HIV risk behaviors. This recommendation is intended to make PrEP available to people who may be apprehensive about sharing potentially stigmatized HIV risk behaviors with their provider.
  • A recommendation for F/TAF (Descovy) as an FDA-approved PrEP option for sexually active men and transgender women at risk of getting HIV, based on recent data showing its effectiveness for these populations.
  • A new section on prescribing bimonthly intramuscular injections of cabotegravir (CAB) for sexually active men and women who could benefit from PrEP, pending FDA data review and potential regulatory action.
  • Updated HIV testing recommendations that incorporate the latest and most effective methods for quickly detecting HIV infection among people using any PrEP medication.


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